To China

To China

February 1999

Who could catch your dreams like waterfalls?

Who could tame your dragons

and lead them like camels in a caravan? 

Nobody could… 

unless one has a hand from heaven 

and a heart full of love.


I can see your golden heart and

the iron friendship of your people,

drinking and eating around a round table

under the red paper lantern.

I can see the silent tears

when you are woken up

by the cry of your children,

but who can comfort a mother that wasn’t-

like a love that never left the heart?


You are richer than you know,

your gold -stored in hearts-

inundates me

with a flood of generosity.


I long to marry you

and have our children born upon my lap.

I brought ancient treasures for them

over the sands of the desert;

I came,

my eyes tapping the horizon

like the white cane of a blind man.

I brought for them stories full of future

brimming with sparks like your fireworks;

The wisdom of the sages, brought I for them,

in big red envelopes and in overflowing coffers,

Words that give life… like water.



My journey has taken me to share the love and life I have found in Jesus. The more I shared, the more I learned and the more I found a great spiritual freedom and zest for life.

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