Thoughts like the Mekong

Thoughts like the Mekong



Life is short,

I spend most of the time

Wondering what’s it all about

And by the time I think I’d find out

It is almost time to go… on 

And on I go, yes sir, I go,

As a night follows a day

And a day a night.

Once I met a woman,

She’s not the one in facebook

But she knew what all is about

And she didn’t want to tell me,

She thought perhaps she was wrong.

She wanted me to love her

She wanted to love me good,

But she didn’t say

How she really felt.

By the time I understood

It was almost time to go… on

Like the river that never stops.



My journey has taken me to share the love and life I have found in Jesus. The more I shared, the more I learned and the more I found a great spiritual freedom and zest for life.

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