Once Again

Once Again



The crossroad on the waves

Once again
 I am standing at one of those crossroads of life,
 Once again alone…
 There are a few dear friends I see,
 not too far, standing at their own crossroads.
 There is some distance between each of us.

More than at crossroads we resemble
 a bunch of shipwreck people
 surviving amidst of an ocean of never lacking waves.
 Some try to swim, others ride the surf,
 others confidently paddle an inflatable boat
 to nowhere in sight.

Once again…
 I rediscover that
 You are always there by my side,
 as if you wouldn’t have
 any other reason for your existence
 than to be my eternal companion,
 always gentle and reassuring.

Once again…
 your fingertips gently touch mine, keeping contact.
 Everything is going to be alright.
 The immense thrill of your presence is more than I can handle.
 I turn on my back and float
 With arms outstretched.

Below is the sea of life,
 above the immense starry sky
 of your universe.
 We float together
 Once again
 Pure unhurried fun!



My journey has taken me to share the love and life I have found in Jesus. The more I shared, the more I learned and the more I found a great spiritual freedom and zest for life.

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