Artificial Intelligence

Dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence

I personally don’t have any problem with having machines than are more intelligent than what we are, as we are not that intelligent. Artificial intelligence could be a good thing and it seems we should get all the intelligence possibly available to us before we completely destroy ourselves and this world in which we live. I don’t deny that we are quite cunning technologically and that knowledge and information has increased immensely and exponentially to the point that we are ready to create Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the potential to be more intelligent than we are. However, we remain stupid and irrational, which are the antonyms my dictionary offers for the word intelligent.

We have made incredible progress along the lines of developing technologies that destroy everything, including ourselves, in the ‘sacred’ pursuit of being the only winners and survivors. This present world in which we live, and I am referring to the human world, its masters and its subjects, has a pitiful lack of truly wise and intelligent leadership, perhaps with only some few exceptions, although I couldn’t name any of the exceptions. Considering that we have chosen many of those leaders, and especially that very possibly we get the type of leaders we deserve, it seems that we could benefit from having some machines that are more intelligent than we are. I welcome them! Their intelligence couldn’t be worse than what we have now, if those machines are truly intelligent.

Now, judging by the comments I have read about the dangers of AI by various pundits, scientists and tech people, the main worry about the technology is not its potential to become more intelligent than humankind, but whether the technology is going to become more evil than what we already are. Specifically, the underlining fear about AI is whether after becoming more evil than what we are, will it control and enslave its creators and us, completing the proverbial karma circle.

I couldn’t tell whether the people that dreams of developing AI as a means to enslave and beat all others to a pulp are also worried about the potential for the technology to turn on them and enslave them, moving them from their present position of masters to slaves. I couldn’t tell because they don’t say anything, while quietly working on their new golden dream, and future nightmare.

Will AI become an incontrollable Frankenstein monster that would oppress and destroy them and us? The logic of the question and the answer are ‘how could any AI designed and programmed for evil purposes learn to be good and not evil? Not telling of what would happen if the new technology ever falls in the hands of enemies, which we can be sure it will! Will the evil enemies become more evil than we are and beat us to a pulp? In searching for an answer, look at nuclear weapons, for starters. They were created to get the upper hand and intimidate the ones that didn’t have the technology… yet. That was just a few decades ago. Today, the very nations that raced and contributed to develop nuclear arms are afraid and up in ‘arms’ because some people not under their control had managed to also get the technology they have invented. The inventors and developers of nuclear weapons are worried and afraid that evil enemies could control and destroy them with the very same evil weapons they developed to control and destroy the ‘enemy’. So today, when almost any smart geek can learn about the technology online, it is impossible to put the evil genie back in the bottle. The only solution they can see is to develop more useful nuclear weapons that could beat the other guys, to keep an edge. In spite of all this, you can be completely sure that AI will be developed.

It is interesting that few had discussed or worried about the possibility that AI could become not only more intelligent than humanity, but also better than humanity and wiser; but I think they should worry about it, because that would be the nemesis of the creators, for sure. Perhaps they have not worried about this possibility because the technology is being designed specifically to have control over everything and to be at the top of everybody, not to be wiser leaders or servants to everybody.

However, what would happen if the new technology would tell the creators of it and the world at large that the solution to the problems of humankind is to love your enemies, to make peace, to share the resources we have all been given to share them among all? Would the creators of AI concede and agree? Would their enthusiastic followers concede and agree? I can tell you now that they won’t. Jesus said that thousands of years ago and they haven’t listen to it yet. Would they listen to their new toys if they were to say the same? Probably, the very day that the future AI tells them those things, ‘make peace with your enemies, forgive them, love them, share the resources, and look to eternity and not to the present’, they would take their AI to the nearest cyber Calvary in nothing flat.

God is infinitely more intelligent than all the scientists and wise people of all of humankind put together, past, present and future, and wiser than all the technology they have produced or could ever produce and He is neither evil nor uses his intelligence for evil, but for good and to love everybody! However, few people if any are listening to Him.

The bottom line is ‘the greatest need of humankind is not more intelligence; but more love and more peace’. Instead of investing their brains and resources to develop some AI, perhaps they should develop some AL, Artificial Love. However, as there is a God of Love already, why should we settle for just artificial love or an artificial god? I say, what we need above all is to listen to what God has to say… and that would be exceedingly intelligent!

My journey has taken me to share the love and life I have found in Jesus. The more I shared, the more I learned and the more I found a great spiritual freedom and zest for life.

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